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      This week have a very exciting campaign with Grammy award-winning American hip-hop producer Ché Pope. He has been the COO of GOOD Music, is currently Head of Distrokid Upstream, and he's worked with artists like Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and more — basically you need to get your music in front of him.

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      Pour Minds Episode 128 - Lies :https://youtu.be/gMwXc7WFxsc


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      L.H. returns with his new single ‘1x’, an energetic new hit that will get crowds moving and the people going. 

      Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.

      Filled with a progressively rhythmic drum beat and accompanied by a smooth yet spacy synth, ‘1x’ is a party-starting tune that is sure to get the room moving. 

      Even more impressively, L.H.’s conveyance and bars are of impeccable comparison, with a timely flow and incredible delivery, giving ‘1x’ the perfect display of hip-hop and rap at its peak. 

      With incredible production from Lofi da Brokeboi, this upbeat and catchy tune caught the attention of L.H. right away, who went straight to work matching his flow and energy to the track.

      Coming off from his last single ‘Machismo’, which has already garnered the attention of hip-hop media outlets, ‘1x’ is the perfect addition to this industry shakers discography, which already consists of two amazing two E.P’s 

      (Hennessequa and T2B2). 

      From Chicago and best known for blending modern and classic genres of hip-hop together, L.H. spends his time working on his own music and focusing on growing record label Visual Audio. 

      Having already opened for major artists like Rittz, Lil Bibby, and Cam’ron, L.H. knows how to grab an audience's attention, as he displays his great skills and talents like no other, which make ‘1x’ the perfect addition to his ever expanding catalogue.Find L.H.:

      Instagram / Twitter / Teespring

      For all press inquiries and interviews please contact visualaudiollc@gmail.com

      World Premiere:
      Ladi Miz Debuts 'Family Business' Album


      NY, NY’s empowered boss Ladi Miz also acclaimed independent  artist/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/CEO of From Da Ground Up Productions and Peace Mentoring LLC, announces the world premiere of her new project titled ‘Family Business.’

      The 10-track album is a compilation featuring Miz, her children and husband, her uncle, and close friends who she refers to as family. These features include Seriah Alexus, Ian95, Papi Fortune, Mason, Uncle J, CashOnAble, Doube R, Nasir, with production from DopeBoyzMuzic, don P, Contageous, KingCharlie, Prince, JefeGot1, D’Monstah, Tone Jonez, Post humousProductions, Tru Stylze, and Mista. 

      ‘Family Business’ serves as an R&B/Hip Hop collective that emanates a refreshing, infectious, and nostalgic vibe. One record, “Freedom” is already topping indie charts worldwide and grips a harsh reality and unyielding emotion. "I can't breathe cause I get no respect get your foot off my back and your knee off my neck, we suspect cause our skin is black we say black lives matter but they always deflect."  Miz goes on to vividly describe being under attack while trying to break free from genocidal chains. 

      Ladi Miz is famed for uplifting and teaching through music and 'Family Business' is no exception. Enjoy the album and we appreciate any spins/plays. Ladi Miz is available for drops and interviews. To schedule reply to this email or contact me directly via cell at 609-756-6377. Thank you again for your continued support. Stay well and blessed -Marissa MJ Savino (4x Award-Winning Publicist).  

      'Family Business' DJ Pack (MP3s)

      Connect with Ladi Miz and the family below.

      @LadiMiz | Linktree Entertainment | Ladi Miz 
      @CashOnAble | Linktree
      @Ian95 | Linktree
      @Ray_Merriman | Linktree
      @Papi_Fortune on all platforms 
      @maison_bangers (Instagram)

      Attn DJs:

       Bed Stuy's L. Haggood Releases "Listen"



      L. Haggood releases visuals for his latest single “Listen.” The track is produced by the legendary, platinum 2x Grammy-nominated Haas G (The UMC’s) aka Fantom of the Beat who also makes a cameo in the video.

      The Bed Stuy BK Hip Hop artist is recognized for his blunt form of truth and somewhat cynical sarcasm that many shy away from but has opened doors to collaborate with heavy-hitting artists and producers.

      “Take a moment to reflect a different time of music. Where you had to make sense, where the music meant something no matter how complex or basic. Where you had to engage with people.”

      Over a compelling mix of soul and gritty melodies along with tremulous bass, L. Haggood effortlessly delivers minutes of in-your-face and slap-your-momma bars. Mentally unstable, he is who he is, gets down how he gets down, and welcomes any challenges. “Suckers is too much of an easy word I got other nouns, and adjectives, and action verbs…”.

      L. Haggood’s complexity is refreshing as he commands audiences to feel his raw emotion. Enjoy the listen and we appreciate any spins/coverage. L. Haggood is available for drops and interviews. To schedule reply to this email or connect with him directly below. 

      Instagram & Twitter: @lhaggood
      Facebook: Lionel Haggood / Mentally Unstable Records
      Email: mentallyunstableradio@gmail.com 


      - FAST LIFE -



       fast life ft. C.J Watson produced by Gran Raw f..

      NEW As elites in the game, you already are hip to the upcoming DnD (Dilla x Dres) 

      album by Dres (Black Sheep) and the late great J Dilla.  Dres has been sharing snippets here and there but today the first single in its entirety is ready to go necessity! 

      Dres recruits his legendary peer Chuck D for an eye-opening, hair raising masterpiece ready to blare through communities nationwide, 

      All the way to voting booths. 

      Press play to experience a timeline of societal genocides that can only seize through the power of unity and voting.  We are asking DJs worldwide to spin "Dilla Drums" with hopes of spreading awareness and the cruciality of voting...With heads high and a strong fist, unite for change...! 

      Thunny Brown Ft. Damarcus Wilkins
      "Live At 5" Single & Video 


      Thunny Brown and Damarcus Wilkins release highly anticipated, eye-opening visuals for “Live At 5 – Enough is Enough Power to the People.”

       The video begins in silence with a compelling statistical script by Thunny to prepare listeners and viewers for what’s to follow…

       An animated news reporter, trying his best to overpower the sounds of sirens, looting, oppressed activists, and fires begins an interview with a fed-up local protestor who declares justice or else! The much-ignored no justice no peace mantra has run its course with no results.

       Thunny delivers his merciless narrative over a captivating blend of animation and live reels that depict the genocidal warfare his brothers and sisters suffer and struggle through daily. Press play with caution for an intense, bone-chilling historiography.

       Watch “Live At 5” and connect with Thunny Brown below for interviews and drops. We appreciate the listen and spins. Thank you for your continued support, stay blessed -MJ 



      Live At 5 Official YouTube Video 

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